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Written by Antti Koskenrouta on July 5, 2010

“New Yorkissa” is Finnish for “in New York.” This is a hobby site that contains tips for people going New York City.

New York

Making iPhone-optimized

Written by Antti Koskenrouta on July 5, 2010

With the increased number and success of the iPhone, I thought it’d be a good idea to make a site of mine containing best quotes from Johnny Drama optimized for iPhones. While the original version was working well on the iPhone thanks to its awesome zooming and scrolling capabilities,…Read More – National Broadband Plan

Written by Antti Koskenrouta on March 25, 2010

The National Broadband Plan outlines the steps the Country will take to ensure sufficient broadband access for all. The online production was a massive undertaking; the team I was on took this nearly 400 page document and made it available online in just a few days. In addition to HTML…Read More

Written by Antti Koskenrouta on January 10, 2010
Home-Reboot.FCC.gov_1024-e1263165046923-284x148 marks the beginning of FCC’s new web presence. I was involved with the project from concept to completion wearing multiple hats. I participated in conceptualizin and  prototyping. I also participated in Information Architecture and implementing and customizing, a 3rd part discussion platform.  Major deliverable was creating the HTML…Read More

Written by Antti Koskenrouta on January 10, 2010
Starboard-oy-Veneilyalan-palvelut_1024-e1263165405838-281x150 was a site made for a boating insdustry sales company and consultancy in Finland. The client’s requests included a clean and minimalistic design and quick turnaround time. This site was created using WordPress as CMS using a heavily customized SimpleCMS theme.